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SilberStrat | The Extended Family

Let’s meet my extended family…

Here at SilberStrat work is always FUNNNN!

Goodness! It’s one full month already. I hardly noticed how it sped by. Another part of me can’t believe it’s been whole month already. It feels like I am still so new to this place and there is so much more to learn.

Well time for an update that will try to summarize my journey here!

A single call with Hitesha (Director SilberStrat) helped me make a quick decision about joining this place; which turned out to be the turning point of my life. It was nothing like what I had done before. I was getting a chance to work with different people who have bundles of creative ideas.

SilberStrat is a small group of people who took no time in making me feel like they were an extension of my family. I really love working with them because every single day I learn something.

Indeed, I have now been a full one month into my new job. Here the challenges as well as opportunities are so different and yet so rewarding.

The process of writing, creating & sharing things has become a part of my life that I love and enjoy. It’s a pleasure to be amidst different team (family) members each bringing a unique quality to the table.

The thing I love the most, is the way I am appreciated. When you feel appreciated odds are that you’ll enjoy your job more, do your best work, and feel the kind of engagement that really connects you to what you’re doing. 

I have a strong feeling that my journey with Silberstrat will change my life. At the end, I would like to thank each and every person on this team for making it comfortable for me and for helping me do my best every single day.

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