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HURRAYYY!!! Completed a month at FindingENKI …

Whoever said accountants are boring has obviously never met Jagriti ! Its been just a month, but she has filled up this space with her enthusiasm and energy. This is a short write up about her first month at Finding ENKI. #ENKIVanguards


Accounts & Admin at Finding ENKI

A Place where you fulfill your dreams..

Firstly I want to thank Hitesha & Vivek (directors of Finding ENKI Dot Com) for giving me an opportunity to prove myself.

When, I first met them during the interview session, I was very impressed with the office atmosphere and was looking forward to getting a chance to join them. It was deeply overwhelming and exciting when I got selected for the Accounts and Admin Profile.

I was as nervous about the challenges of a new workplace as I was excited to take the leap forward in my career. As I entered the office premises I met the most welcoming team ever. The induction session with the team made me comfortable in the premises. I directly report to the directors, which has been a constant learning experience as they help me enhance my skills and qualities.

I feel extremely happy to be working with an inspiring team like Finding ENKI where everyone strives to outshine themselves. As Directors, both of them keep the team inspired to achieve the goals and to reach towards success and to touch the seventh sky of success.

In a month of being here, it’s been a constant learning experience. Finding ENKI is not just a place to work; it’s a place to shine, atmosphere to learn through varied team building and learning exercises. Activity like Hyper-learning session not only gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge with the team but enhances our understanding of the presented subject.

All in all I really love the atmosphere and love the togetherness. Whether it is the ritual of having lunch together or recreational team activity like playing Pictionary, this place is the ideal work place for any employee. This place feels like home offering a bunch of opportunity to learn and grow.

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