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My Date With SilberStrat

It’s been a month. At my “workplace” as my family of relatives, my colleagues and my friends like to call it. I don’t call it by that name though. I sometimes like to call it my date. Date as in, a girl I asked out a couple of months ago and she said yes (plus, she was ready to pay my bills too. Isn’t that great?).

My first thoughts while packing my bags were “that is a company run by a bunch of boys who wear knickers to work and like to boss around”. Not the way I wanted my job to be. But as I got in, I realized that the scenario of work was totally different here. Generally people don’t talk to newbies in their office just to give those poor lads a “welcome gesture”. But here at SilberStrat, I was not thrashed by the quietness of people instead I was given a very friendly environment. People are really nice and really good at pulling my legs (though they are very long, but still.. people manage somehow. )

I don’t exactly miss my people back home (and that does not include my “actual date”). Having lunch together, bitching on similar thoughts and trying to innovate every second. That’s the most important part. Innovation. I was never stopped at innovation or putting up my thoughts at what can be a better product.

I am not very good at playing with words so if you were bored at any point, ANY, please accept this as my apology and I will try and write better. I’d like to conclude with this and lastly I would like to say that I like working here. And for an employee, that’s the most important thing. Love for the work AND the work place. 

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