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365 Days & Counting


1 Year! Yeah its one year!

It's even more unbelievable for me, because when I started out, I wasn't even considering getting into the 9 to 5 regular job mode!

When I got my offer letter, I was fully prepared for the regular job that my friends were complaining about. I was ready to get tortured in the work schedule and get bored by the same routine day after day.

But after coming to this place my definition of being in a job changed. It was nothing like I expected. The people here were crazy! Or so it seemed at first. A year later I realize that they just think different and approach work differently.

There is work. Sure. But there is also learning. Learning differently through Hyperlearning sessions where you are the teacher and you are also the student. You share your learning from your projects and learn from others. You learn from their lives and share something from yours. 

After spendind the first few months here, I knew I could continue to work with this team because the people make me feel like I am family! Yes family! Everyone says  that I am a family guy, so if I am saying they made me feel like family that means they really are special people.

The person who  played the most important role in making me feel like this is Tesha (Hitesha Deshpande), My Alpha.

She is the one because of whom I am at this place, because of her confidence in me and because of her mentorship. The best part is she understands me personally and knows my nature and because of that she was always my leader and mentor and not boss (as she knows someone like me can’t work under a boss).

I joined here for very small job but as the work increased and because of confidence of Tesha and Vivek, they allowed me to work on many different types of projects and helped me reach at where I am now.

The rule of never saying NO to anything helps a lot. It taught me that nothing is really impossible. You need to want it badly enough.

From just an intern to the part of the core team was the best moment. It really feels good when you become an important part of the organization.

Today being here is more than just a job to me. I work here as it is my own company and will do anything to make sure everything is well managed.

I can say I joined here as just an intern who didn’t know anything about job and work and the corporate life.But now, after one year here, I can say this place made me confident enough to face a board room and not be scared of it.

I am looking forward to having more different kinds of experiences and reach greater heights in my career with SilberStrat.

We can do anything we want, we just need something like SilberStrat which makes you believe that.

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