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"Mera Tupperware wapis laye?" has probably been one of the most asked questions by Indian moms. Whether it is to her toddler at playschool, her teenager struggling at high school or her laadla or laadli who has just landed the first job! All that pyaar was always packed in a TUPPERWARE. In fact, Tupperware has become synonymous with upper middle-class households. 

It was a legacy passed on from a mother to her daughter or daughter-in-law. It was all going really well, till the world began to change. Youngsters started thinking for themselves and 'Mommy's always right,' needed to be tried and tested.  There was a lot of nose wriggling and eye scrunching on anything that came recommended from an 'older' generation. How do you convince a generation that has constantly viewed TUPPERWARE as mom's favorite that it was young and hep enough to be adapted by them as well?


While the global communication of TUPPERWARE focused on the lifestyle concept of MORE TIME LIVING, was the Indian audience ready for such a dramatically different communication from their beloved brand? OR could MORE TIME LIVING be adapted in a way that would convince a younger audience of its global appeal without alienating the existing loyal consumers? The mom's love for her tupperware still formed a large share of market revenue for TUPPERWARE India.


The brand was just adjusting to this shift of communication when the Government Of India decided to take bold initiative. It annoucned that behinning 2 of October 2019, Single Use Plastics would be banned in India.

This did not affect TUPPERWARE. All TUPPERWARE products are made from high-quality plastic that are reusable, recyclable and hence a sustainable solution to Single Use Plastic. In fact, TUPPERWARE consciously works toward creating a better eco-system. TUPEPRWARE knew all of this, but did its audience?

How do you reinforce that TUPPERWARE is NOT bad plastic. TUPPERWARE, in fact, is GOOD PLASTIC!

#TimeSUP #ChooseTUP


The time was definitely up for SUP or Single Use Plastic, but for TUPPERWARE? The good times had just begun!

TUPPERWARE agreed to the suggestion of joining hands with the Government to ban Single Use Plastic in India. With this in mind we started our exploration to create a bold, impactful campaign for TUPPERWARE - #TimeSUP now #ChooseTUP

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