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Updated: May 7, 2018

Walking through the doors of SilberStrat, I was welcomed with open arms by the most warm team members ever. Led by Hitesha and Vivek, SilberStrat is a true replica of a joint family where each member is immensely distinct yet fit perfectly together like pieces of a puzzle. Everyone completes and compliments each other’s skill set. What I appreciate the most is the culture of togetherness which shows from small things like eating together or going out for movies or drinks with the team. 

Coming from a legal educational background, it was truly my Director’s faith in me and my skill set that has led me to joining SilberStrat, where I am working as a creative business associate. It has been quite a journey ever since. Its been a month and everyday has been challenging in its own way with new tasks springing up everywhere. As overwhelming as it might get at times, my mentor Vivek’s thorough guidance helps me sail through things. As they say diamonds are nothing more than chunk of coal that stuck to their job, I believe I am that coal who is struggling with new tasks and challenges only to sharpen and groom me into becoming a better professional with time.

SilberStrat has been an exciting experience where waking up in the morning is not just a quest for surviving the day only to come back home again, but to grow each day with new learnings. Being the sleepy head that I am, I genuinely feel this place must be some magic as it keeps me excited in the morning to reach office and start the day. With much positivity and hopes, I feel this is a turning point in my life leading to a better tomorrow.

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