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SilberStrat | Another Month Under The Belt

Gaurav, is the youngest member of the gradually expanding SilberStrat family. Through the past month and more is antics have endeared him to us and his commitment to excel at every task he accepts have raised our hopes and set the bar high.

It is a pleasure for me working at SILBERSTRAT, “The newest phase of my life”, exactly what they say at the first meeting. SilberStrat offers opportunities for employees to take on new exciting challenges, contribute to company success, improve their capabilities, and build their career within a friendly working place. I am confident that SilberStrat will grow stronger in the future and become a world-class company.

The best thing about SilberStrat is that its strength comes from each member of its family who is always ready to give their best in services while performing any task. It’s been an honor for me to be here in the circle of family to support each other in the company. With a very warm and friendly environment, I believe SilberStrat is the first choice company for me to pursue my career in.

It’s been one month for me working at SilberStrat, there are many work ethics I have learned, not only does the company provide a challenge to have a better career, but it also shapes us as a responsible individual, and the willingness to continue learning from every task that have been developed. I learned about the desire to serve from the heart, comfortably working together, and supporting each other when facing job challenges. Thanks to SilberStrat for all the opportunities given to work as a family and grow together. 

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