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Shaken and Stirred! My First Month at SilberStrat

 “We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason”

That is how I am most tempted to define my encounter with SilberStrat.

A friend I had made at my earlier workplace put me in touch with Hitesha (Director| SilberLinks). A half an hour interview was surprisingly the turning point for me.

For an engineering student, the first day in a Branding and Marketing firm was bound to be a nervous one. Nevertheless,  Vivek and Hitesha managed to make it comfortable for me. As the days passed my silly questions and dumb suggestions did not seem so dumb anymore. My careless attitude started changing into responsible one. The way they trusted me boosted my confidence to another level and now “I was thinking”. As an employee it was unexpected. All my expectations were now coming true. It is actually their belief and their teaching that I started feeling positive changes in me.

It is not about penning down good words about them to ensure I receive my paycheck! It is about this journey defined as SilberStrat that I have embarked upon and how it is subtly but surely making small but significant changes within me.

With several ups and downs... bad and good days what I learnt from SilberStrat was “Start now because you Can, trust your Links as they will contribute in your success and live what you are doing”.  I don’t know where these days will take me...I am in a constant state of HyperChange .  It definitely is adventurous being the HyperChange Executive at SilberStrat.

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