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Complicated Gloom

I will always remember THAT gloomy day. A gloomy day that stretched into an equally gloomy night. And a road that stretched endlessly and my long legs that seemed keen walking down that never-ending path. The only other thing that stretched in fierce competition was silence. A silence which screamed louder & louder with every passing moment. I don’t know how I managed to reach home.

Why did I ever break up with her?

Damn! I miss her just way too much!

I realised – falling in love was never my decision; was never in my control. It was like falling sick. And the only cure was love and care of a partner. It was like falling sick in order to discover new reasons to live for!

And then suddenly you love life itself with a mad, passionate intensity. You just cant seem to wipe the smile from your face. They say "Love does not appear with any warning signs." Well it's true... It never did! It just… happened! Again and again! It is like diving off a really high board. You have no time to think. You just fall. It is inevitable and infinite. An event you just can't control. A fast, furious, heart stopping, breath taking roller-coaster ride that just has to take its course.

(Me to her in my mind)

All those little conversations, they keep coming back to nudge my memories. Dammnn!! This beautiful flashback.... when the moon lights up the night sky, the glint in your eyes, trap me in dreams once again. I can’t see you or touch you, but my heart does not have the strength to forget you either…Your name echoes in my soul. Why? Why do I miss you so much? Why do you keep knocking on my heart and opening doors to memories which I want to keep locked?

(Present)(Somehow; I manage to call her... Fingers crossed) tringg tringgg… it rang.. (She has not blocked my number yet..yes!!!) "HELLO" (she said ) ..

I was silent..

She: "itni derr lgadi.. No wonder You are a KOALA" .

Me: Listen I LOVE YOU ..

She: I know.. I love you more.. "

And just like that…we were arguing about who loved the other more. The break-up – a mere glitch in our happily ever after. A thousand thoughts could have kept us apart, but a single call undid all of that..

Makes me think – maybe Love is only as complicated as we make it out to be….

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