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03 Design Tweaks To Make Your Visuals More – Christmassy!

Still doodling Christmas Trees and creating illustrations of (admittedly cute) Santa Claus? Step it up folks! Christmas is definitely about more than that. And I don’t mean you should get in touch with your religious side and go all Holy with your designs. Bring out the elves, or definitely touch base with the mischief they are up to and some cheer to your designs.

Here is what I am working with this season. Feel free to get inspired to get into the festive spirit! Merry Christmas!

1. Stockings

Oh well… a bit of a cliche here, but let’s face it – Stockings are the best part about Christmas! Tucking into a stocking loaded with goodies fills my heart with a childlike glee which reduces age to just a number!

2. Reindeers

Throughout the year we obsess about cute puppies and kittens. But Christmas deserves to be about someone else – Rudolph & his friends! And a trip down memory lane when we really believed those elegant creatures dragged a jolly fat Santa through the skies. All so that gifts could be hustled down smokey chimneys – even though my house did not have one! It is all about the power of imagination.

3. Sleighs!

What do you think of when you see a sleigh riding against a silver moon, with reigns of silver dust connecting it to prancing reindeers? GIFTS! At least that is all that I can think about. And since my Christmas is never complete without a surprise or two – I look forward to seeing these imaginary sleighs…

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