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There is magic within you! And Ikkai recognizes this magic. A brand crafted for the spirited Indian beauty, Ikkai is India’s answer to the global single-use skin care phenomena.


When you are young, you are craving to be popular. Looking pretty makes you so. What really makes you pretty is being happy. So we helped Lotus Herbals create Ikkai – a sachet based single-use skin care brand for the happy ones. Its all organic and fresh, whenever you want it, where ever you want it.

Using our proprietary 3S Framework    we first explored various facets of beauty and how do we form our ideas around it.

3S Framework flowchart to explored various facets of beauty

This led us to three distinct BEAUTY DISCOURSES

Residual Discourse: Mother To Daughter

Dominant Discourse: Societal Expectations

Emerging Discourse: Self Expression

Young girls learning to be beautiful from their Mothers. Their idea of beauty, its secrets, ideals, expectations are all formed via the Mother

Society & popular culture driving a young girl’s concept of Beauty.The celebrities, advertising, and other such socially imposed parameters play a crucial role

Beauty as a form of self expression and a matter of choice. The connected world provides a vast amount of information and guidance to young girls at a very early age, helping them form their own unique expression of beauty

Based on the insight of happiness being the key source of beauty,  we crafted the brand’s essence as


Name Creation Through Naming Ladder

Name creation workshop conducted along with the brand team
Naming Ladder for name creation
Name creation workshop conducted along with the brand team

In a guided naming workshop conducted along with the Brand team, we created 64 unique, available names. These names were filtered through various evaluation parameters and domain check, to finally arrive at 2 strong names that lived up to the brand essence and product vision - "IKKAI" & "KOALA KISS"

Ikkai "One Is Fun" logo exploration first attemt with elephant
Kola kiss "Little Pecks Of Magic" logo exploration in red & orange color
ikkai 1-11.png
Kola Kiss "Little Pecks Of Magic" packaging exploration
Ikkai "One & Done" banner
Ikkai "One and Done" products range banner
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