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Branding for startups is always refreshing. There is an enriching flow of new ideas and meaningful initiatives.

Before we took up the mandate to create this brand, we were like most urban Indians; unaware of hardships rural women face while managing periods. And here was a brand with the vision of making high-quality female hygiene solutions accessible to rural women as well. This makes Befikr one of our most proud creations.

Befikr also has environmentally safe products like Menstrual Cups and Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray targeted at urban women. Hence the brand’s appeal was expected to cut across the rural urban divide.

Journey towards The Brand Core

We started by understanding the cultural and emotional themes around the idea of menstruation and female hygiene.


These themes, captured using our proprietary brand immersion tool the 3S Framework, were then distilled into following three discourses :

Residual Discourse: 

Menstruation has had a mixed history. On one hand, it has been associated with evil in some cultures. But it has also held a space of mystique and even respect in some others. Probably owing to its association with the process of giving birth.

Dominant Discourse:

Periods are a taboo subject across the world. There is a sense of shame associated with mentioning them.

Emerging Discourse:

Slowly people are realizing that periods are a fact of life. The society must break the taboo around them, We need to change the way we think about menstruation.

The Brand Core

The sense of wanting to be happy and carefree came across as a strong desire associated with periods. We decided to root the brand in the emerging discourse of breaking down negative connotations around periods and building a positive happy aura around them. The brand’s ideology is simple - You are free to do what makes you happy, so do it. Even if you are on your periods. Hence we crafted the brand essence as :

“Joy Of Freedom”

We explored over 25 brand names, sorting them basis evaluation criteria like – Fit with the brand idea, relevance to women across social strata, ease of pronunciation, timelessness, and the subjective appeal / X factor.

“Befikr” was chosen as the name that conveys the brand's essence in a clear and widely understood way,


We created an icon for freedom, inspired from fragrant codes of flowers, garden, and beautiful butterflies. This world reflects multiple positive attributes that consumers seek in a female hygiene product – Freshness, fragrant cues, natural, comforting, freedom and happiness.

Pack Designs Explored

White Brand Icon.png

Final Output

Brand Identity & Visual Language

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Social Media

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